Niles Renaissance Faire

Good morrow, friends, and welcome to the Niles Renaissance Faire!

Leave the modern world behind and take a step back in time to a place where things were more simple. The renaissance era is a time of rebirth after the pesky middle ages. As you walk through our gates be prepared to have your breath taken away as you enter a celebration of medieval times. As you wander the land you will meet merchants selling their wares and bards will lull you with their musical talents. You may be heckled by our town Fool, or be mesmerized by our mercenaries. You might want to keep an eye open for the jailer who, for a price, will lock up a member of your party! Come prepared to leave with sore sides from laughing, a full stomach, and an experience you will never forget.

Join us at the Niles Renaissance Faire, the 3rd weekend in May. Merriment, side-splitting laughter, children’s scavenger hunt, and the marketplace are sure to ensure your day is full of delight!