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Our Approach to a Sword Fighting Show

Most shows that have sword fighting in them are choreographed like a dance. This works for many performances and shows, but the downside is that every show with that choreography will be the same.  When we set out over 20 years ago to make a show, we wanted every show to be different. The solution was to train in real medieval combat and tweak that training into a style that we could easily teach.  This way, no matter the skill level of the members they could engage in a fight that looked authentic but with a flare of drama.

Meet the Members

These are the members of the Swords of Valour.


Captain Calla Lillie

I am Captain Calla Lillie. Owner of the wonderful group called The Swords of Valour. We are a non-choreographed live steel fight troupe. Come see me if you are at a faire and say hey.

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Haven the Hare

Haven the Hare is a veteran Renaissance Faire performer and improvisational comedic sword fighter, who can be found performing with the Swords of Valour and in his one man show on wooing!

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Collin "Booboo" MacShame

Booboo is the Captain of the Cage and leader of the jail. When he is not swinging his claymore within the list he is at the Jail passing judgment and arresting the innocent.



Willow is our medic, momma, and keeps Booboo in line. When not bandaging the fighters after a show she can be found keeping order at the Jail.


Alexander the OK

Alex is the keeper of our soles (of our boots). He is our cobbler. As proficient with a sword as he is little tiny hammers.



Staff fighter, hydration squad, and one of the few that have been part of the Swords for her entire life.

Anaya (12)


Quick to anger and fiercely loyal, Anaya is often drawn into fights, both with and in defense of fellow crew members. She pledged her sword and her life to Captain Calla Lillie in exchange for passage on her ship but, with time, found a home among the ragtag crew.

Frenjo Bouskason

Once known as Flamingo, Frenjo's has taken his true name as he returns to the Swords to fight once more alongside his friends!


The Captain of Scraps Disposal!


Ursa Rose Valentine

A mother bear found the crying young child and took her in. There her new bear brother and mother taught her how to survive in the wilderness. However, after a few years, a human man and his wife adopted young Ursa and taught her about life as a human.


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Solo Questing Swords

These are the members of the Swords of Valour whose current quests have taken them from our lists.



Our one and only pun spewing loud mouth whose verbal skills have more then once gotten us out of trouble than his sword skills.



This drunken sword has stumbled his way out of more fights than the drunken master himself. The captain has joked that he may have made a deal with a leprechaun for all the good fortune he has.



While one of our quietest members, when she does speak even the captain listens. Her skills with a sword only shadowed by her skills at tactics and politics. If you crossed her, its not just your head you need worry about, but your legacy as well.



Fighting, flirting, living and learning. I'm a pirate. I'm sexy. What's not to love?

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Known for his strength and tenacity, McShamous has been know to pick up the cannons he fired by himself. He also a formidable hand to hand fighter and brawler made even deadlier when blades are added.



The ships alchemist and resident brew master, his sword dance style of combat is only a little less flashy then the fireworks he creates in his quarters.

Jorik Knutson
Swordsman, Mercenary and Stew Enthusiast.


This monk turned mercenary, preferred to use blunt weapons like hammers and staves. Current record holder of most shield broken by one person in our troupe.



Quartermaster, armorer, Irishmen, and world traveler. One of the few members to learn to fight with an Asian flare due to his travels.

Leaping Leprechaun 
This fighter spends more time in the air then the seagulls that follow our ship. Jumping from rails, benches, and swinging a swords at the same time!
A barbarian from the far north that followed us home. Her raw ferocity and unyielding need to survive makes her a formidable fighter.
A whiling dervish would have trouble keeping up with Magda's deadly blade dance. These days she is pursuing more "noble" ambitions.
Sofia card

Time Keeper

Time left she small harbor town to have adventures. Joining a band of pirates was the perfect opportunity. Earning her keep, keeping time and recording events. Never far from the list and always ready with the time.


Vincent Polotsky

Russian, Sword fighter, Black Smith, and Professional Alcoholic for the Swords of Valour.

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The First Forged Swords

The Founding Members of the Swords of Valour.


Michael MacGowain

The man behind the Swords of Valour, gathering mercenaries, sellswords, and others to his side with his brute honesty, loyalty and dedication.


Bronwyn MacGowain

The mother of the Swords of Valour, she not only fought side by side with the others in the group. She also helped with the logistics and motivation of the motley grew that would grow to be the Swords you now know.


Ilum MacInnes

The one that brought quarterstaff to the group of sword swingers, he proved within a short time the usefulness of the staff as a weapon. When not wielding the sticks, he can be found tending his fermenting wines.


The Wolf

The right arm of MacGowen and always the one to advocate that all problems end at the end of a blade, Wolfs training in tactics, sword play and hand to hand combat is still evident in the Swords training to this day.



The one that turns the gears both behind the scenes as well as the mouth of the group for years. Miranda, being one of the few that could write, she documented the rule and regulations needed to maintain order in the chaos of personalities.

The Fallen

Our members that have taken the final quest to the end game.


The Showman

The Showman (Big Show, Show) graced our lists until 2018 when his shadow was left only on our hearts. The only thing larger then himself was his heart and he is missed.